Remember the freeze dried “astronaut ice cream” bars you could get when you went to museums as a kid? Well, this Russian Space Food is nothing like that stuff. This stuff looks more like a cosmonaut already ate it.

So should you get some? Yes. Yes you should.

Mainly because despite it looking like pureed baby crap, it actually tastes pretty good. Also because, it’s a great thing to keep in your car or boat just in case you get stranded somewhere. It will keep unrefrigerated for up to a year and doesn’t require lots of water to wash down like some other emergency rations.

There’s enough included for up to 3 pretty small “meals”. Dishes include Borscht (beet soup), Pork and Vegetables…apparently pre-chewed, and Cottage Cheese with Blackcurrant Puree…which seems a little redundant to have converted to paste form.

If you need a more impractical/funny reason to get some, well, you can always serve it (on dry toast) to that one friend who comes over to watch the game but never pitches in for pizza. If that doesn’t get him to cough up a couple of bucks, nothing will.

Russian Space Food: Product Details

  • Weight: 600g total
  • Ships from Russia (no, really)
  • Borsch Soup (Ingredients: broth, meat, beef, fresh cabbage, beetroot, melted butter, sour cream, potatoes, carrots, tomato paste, onion, flour, parsley root, salt, sugar, instant sugar, citric acid, black pepper)
  • Pork With Vegetables (Ingredients: Pork, broth, potato, onion, sweet pepper, tomato paste, melted butter, wheat flour, salt, parsley, garlic, ground black pepper, citric acid)
  • Cottage cheese with blackcurrant puree (Ingredients: fat cottage cheese, blackcurrant puree, sugar refined, butter, drinking water, semolina).

WARNING: DON’T try to heat any of these in a microwave oven. If you do, Darwin will want to speak to you.

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