Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs


This Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs is perfect for your Battle Corgi!!! This Samurai Armor for your pet finally brings together Japan’s history and its love for small domestic animals.

Unlike real armor, this is lightweight so your feline or canine friend won’t get (too) annoyed and will be happy to pose for unique photos. OK, fine, dogs will be happy to pose with it. Cats….. well, maybe they’ll tolerate it long enough to get a picture or two before they decide to claw at your face. They are, after all, more of a Ninja warrior than a Samurai.

Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs

When it’s not in use, you could hang the armor costume up as a wall decoration or even wrap it around a drink bottle as an improvised armor stand.

The armor is available in four colors and different three sizes. They won’t work for big dogs, though. So, your dreams of sending your kid into battle atop his Great Dane steed are, I’m sorry to say, dashed. The biggest dog this would fit is probably a Corgi. It’ll fit almost all domestic cats with no problem, though. Well, aside from the problem of getting it on the cat without getting yourself injured, that is.

Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs: Product Details

  • For cats and small dogs.
  • Colors: red, black, gold, silver.
  • Sizes: Small – fits a36-40cm (14-16″) waist, Medium – fits a44cm (17″) waist, Large – fits up to a 48cm (19″)waist.
  • Neck size: up to 25cm (10″) on all armors.
  • Made from polystyrene, polyurethane, metal fastenings, fusahimo cord, metal snaps
  • This is shipping from Japan so, it will take a bit of time to arrive.

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