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Spy, Escape & Evasion Harness Leather,Solid Brass Buckle, 3 Hidden Pouches Gun...

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This leather Secret Agent Belt is the belt James Bond would wear on missions. Well, the ones that required a high-quality belt, anyway. You know, like all of them where he’s wearing pants.

It features 3 zippered compartments to hide small items or tools such as emergency cash, lock picks, matches, or razor blades. Access to these compartments is on the inside of the belt so, they’re completely undetectable to someone looking at it while it’s worn.

It’s also strong since it’s made from English harness leather, which is often used in horse saddles. The nickel-plated solid brass buckle is stylish but strong enough to break a car window, if need be. The buckle is riveted on to the belt to ensure a strong bond. It is not removable.

Originally designed by former CIA officer Jason Hanson as a gun belt for concealed carry, it’s something that could secretly hold potentially life-saving gear. Basically, this belt is designed to save your life and it’s guaranteed to last until the day you die.

Yes, you will need to remove the belt before going though a TSA checkpoint so don’t forget what you’re storing in it. Otherwise, there could be an “incident”.

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Secret Agent Belt: Product Details

  • Comes in multiple lengths. With is either 1.5″ or 1.75″ inches.
  • Comes in black or brown.
  • Made from quality English harness leather in the USA.
  • Comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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