Smoking Gun Food Smoker


OK, this gadget sounds a bit silly at first but, for people who love smoke flavor, The Smoking Gun Food Smoker is awesome.

Basically, this handheld device lets you infuse food and drinks with smoke flavor in just minutes. Yes, said drinks. Believe it or not, there are several recipes for delicious smoked cocktails out there.

This Smoking Gun Portable Food Smoker adds a bunch of smoky flavor and aroma to foods and beverages in just minutes. It is small and lightweight so it’s easier to use than a traditional smoker grill. It’s also more convenient and versatile since you can use it in multiple ways and you don’t need to deal with soaking the wood chips (like in a regular smoker).

It uses what’s called cold smoke to gently infuse a measured amount of delicious, cool smoke to food and drinks. This enhances the flavors of those foods and drinks.

PolyScience Classic Smokehouse Wood Kit
PolyScience Classic Smokehouse Wood Kit

If you're going to smoke something, you'll need wood to do it... Yes, double entendre intended.


IT DOES NOT COOK OR PRESERVE FOOD, IT ONLY ADDS FLAVOR. Make sure anything you serve or eat is prepared properly. If you don’t, a trip to the emergency room, several hours on the toilet, and probably some ruined underwear are in your future.

If you’re a foodie or you need a gift for one, this is something you’ll want to get right away.

The Smoking Gun Food Smoker: Product Details

  • Item Dimensions: 2 x 5.5 x 6 in.
  • Color: Black.
  • Includes: The Smoking Gun, acrylic stand, 18-inch nozzle-extender hose, 4 AA batteries, and two half-ounce wood chip samples.
  • You’ll need wood to use this gadget. Yes, double entendre intended.


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