Solar Powered Pipe and Vaporizer


This Solar Powered Pipe and Vaporizer is the greenest way to smoke your herb.

It’s basically a hand crafted wood-body pipe able to smoke or vaporize dry herbs with sunlight focused via a magnifying glass. If it’s cloudy when you want to smoke, no problem, it also works as a traditional pipe (just take the dome off).

Speaking of the dome, it’s held on with magnets so it won’t fall off while you’re fiddling with the magnifier.

The body is made of cherry, a hardwood used to make pipes throughout history. It is hand finished, smooth to the touch, and protected by two layers of cured walnut oil. The glass pieces are made of durable borosilicate-glass. They’re easily replaceable, yet not easily broken.

Solar Powered Pipe and Vaporizor Kit

If you break or lose the bowl, no problem as almost any 14mm size bowl will fit. You could even get a 18mm bowl on there with a little modification.

So, be eco-green while smoking some mellow green with this hybrid pipe/vaporizer. All you need is sunlight and, of course, some herbs.

Solar Powered Pipe and Vaporizer: Product Details

  • Materials: Cherry wood and borosilicate glass.
  • Comes with pipe base, dome, magnifier, and straw.
  • Switch between pipe and vaporizer by adding or removing the glass dome.
  • Solar powered or light it with a flame.

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