Spitball Blaster – Paper Bullet Gun


The Spitball Blaster is a fully assembled Paper Bullet Gun capable of shooting spitball bullets up to 65 feet (about 20 meters).

Using totally biodegradable ammo (toilet paper) you can make your own bullets, load them into plastic shells, load the magazine, them blast away at your choice of targets. The paper ammo sticks to the target (as long as it’s wet) but, doesn’t hurt. It’s a great alternative to paintball or airsoft since you can battle your friends without getting all padded up. Just don’t go for the eyes.

Just like a real gun, the shells are ejected as each round is fired. It adds a fun bit of realism. Oh, and in case you’re worried about losing the shells when shooting at your friends, there’s an included mesh bag brass catcher.

It’s also great for a bit of indoor target practice without risking anything getting broken or anyone getting hurt.

Spitball Blaster - Paper Bullet Gun

The scope works as an effective gun-sight but, it does not provide magnification.

The Spitball Blaster is from the same folks who came up with the Zombie Slayer Construction Kit a few years ago. With that kit, you had to assemble the gun yourself, this one comes fully assembled and ready to shoot. Also, that was made of cardboard, this version is made of ABS plastic. That’s a big step up in durability.

Currently on Kickstarter, they have already exceeded their funding goal (by more than  500% as I write this). Units are expected to start shipping in October so, they’ll barrive by Christmas.

Spitball Blaster – Paper Bullet Gun: Product Details

  • Comes with blaster, 16 shells, 50 pre-made bullets, brass catcher, and a mold so you can make your own ammo.
  • Range: Up to 65 Feet (19.8 m).
  • Construction: Solid ABS which is VERY durable. The same used to make NERF blasters.

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