Spray Bottle Wing Sauces


A little company called Zach’s Wing Sauces came up with the idea of Spray Bottle Wing Sauces to solve the most annoying problem with making good wings or grilled chicken; the mess.

Traditional methods of marinating, basting or tossing wings with sauces takes a lot of time and effort. Not to mention, a lot of sauce is wasted, and the cleanup…well, the bowls, pans and dishes are needlessly dirtied.

Since this wing sauce is sprayed it eliminates the problems of application and cleanup, it also allows for using just the right amount sauce. Grillers now have the power to focus it onto the wings while cooking, promoting the flavor to sear into the chicken and keep it crispy. Oh, and don’t think that this sauce is limited to chicken. A few squirts of the Mesquite Heat sauce on a nice, thick steak might just make it the best you’ve ever grilled.

The sauces are made in small batches much like craft beer. In fact, since they liked the comparison to beer so much, they actually used beer bottles to package the sauce. Not only is it the perfect size for the sauce, let’s face it, a beer bottle just feels natural while at the grill.

There are several tasty options for flavors. They range from the mild Sweet Heat to the much spicier Sriracha Lime. The latter just happens to be my favorite.

So, if you like grilled meats but hate the mess, give these sprayable sauces a shot. Your taste buds will thank you.

Spray Bottle Wing Sauces: Product Details

  • 12 oz spray bottle in multiple flavors.
  • Flavors include Sweet Heat, Mesquite, Chocolate Chipotle, Sriracha Lime, and Better Buffalo.
  • Refrigeration required after first use.
  • Perfect for grilling.
  • Discounted 4-pack available.

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