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Star Trek Leather Corset


Ladies, while the Star Trek One Piece Swimsuit is great for a day on the beaches of Risa, the Risan night clubs call for something a little more… adventurous. This Star Trek Leather Corset Top is going to ensure someone will be displaying a Horga’hn whenever you’re around.

When on Risa….

Made from the finest in replicated vegan leather, this corset top is fashioned after the uniforms on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The individual panels are made from a stretchy fabric and supported with 6 flexible plastic bones.

Star Trek Leather Corset

It’s available in Command Red (oh myyyyy…), Operations Gold, and Science Blue. There are multiple sizes available from Small to 3XL (in Science Blue, anyway). It even includes rank pips and an embroidered com badge. That’s important because you don’t want to lose the combadge while your’re putting it on…. or taking it off.

Pair them with some black tights or a black skirt and get ready for your night-time Risan adventure. Just remember you’re going to need a hand getting into this. We think you’ll find that people rarely mind helping out if you need it.

Star Trek Leather Corset: Product Details

  • Materials: 40% PU / 30% polyester / 30% cotton.
  • Care Instructions: Damp wipe only. Hang dry.
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise.
  • Choose Blue (Sciences), Gold (Operations), or Red (Command). Yep, red all the way.
  • Comes with embroidered combadge.
  • Red version features Captain’s pips. Gold has Lieutenant Commander’s pips. Blue has Commander’s pips. Doesn’t really matter because if she’s wearing this, she’s in charge regardless of rank.

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