Star Trek Master Situation Display Print


This Star Trek Master Situation Display Print is perfect for your living room, man cave, or captain’s ready room.

This version a large, high quality image of the Master Situation Display for the USS Enterprise-E, but there are versions available for other Starfleet vessels as well. For example, the USS Voyager, USS Enterprise-D, and even the NX-01 Enterprise.

Star Trek Master Situation Display Print

The detail is impressive right down to the chairs in the computer labs. The color palette is true to the original LCARS theme and differs depending on the ship you select. For example, if you get the Galaxy-class Enterprise version, it has more yellows and oranges while the NX-01 version is heavy in blues and greens.

It’s printed on high-quality matte photo paper and is suitable for framing. Unfortunately, the frame is not included.

It’s sure to draw the attention of your fellow Trekkie or sci-fi fans when you hang it over your couch or fireplace.

(via Etsy)

Star Trek Master Situation Display Print: Product Details

  • Dimensions:  Three sizes from 31.5 x 12 inches up to 78.5 x 29.5 inches (80 x 30 cm up to 200 x 75 cm).
  • Multiple ships available. Pick your favorite vessel or class.
  • Printed on large matte photo paper.
  • Shipped rolled in a protective tube.
  • Frame not included.

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