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Star Trek Phaser Remote Control


Do you like watching TV? Do you like Star Trek? Well then, you are gonna LOVE the Star Trek Phaser Remote Control!!! This TOS style phaser remote control lets you harmlessly blast your home entertainment system into submission.

Unless you habitually wear a red shirt. In that case, it might not be so harmless since red shirts and phasers never mix well.

This fully-functioning, programmable infrared remote control was created by using 3D scans of the last known screen-used phaser so not only is it a useful remote control, it’s also an extremely accurate replica.

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

Just so you know, when we say “phaser”, we mean a full-on Type-II phaser with a detachable Type-I phaser which plugs into the Type-II pistol-grip. Just like in the original prop.

The Type-I works as a standalone universal remote control but you get some extra effects and features when you plug it into the Type-II base such as different phaser and starship sound-effects. To make it extra awesome, the Star Trek Phaser Remote Control comes with an awesome magnetic stand and Starfleet-issue protective transport case.

While it won’t let you completely replace the factory remotes for your entertainment gear, you can store up to 36 programmable gestures. That should be enough to run your entertainment equipment and get your “inner-Kirk” on at the same time.

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

So, set your phaser to chill, aim at the TV and…. pew pew pew!

Dammit! Why do all the channels always have commercials on at the same time? Someone call Scotty. Maybe he can fix it?

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control: Product Details

  • Dimensions: Assembled phaser measures 8.2″ x 6″ x 1.4″. The protective case measures 12.6″ x 7.4″ x 2.4″.
  • Materials: High-quality lacquer coated nickel and brass-plated die-cast metal parts.
  • Batteries: Built-in lithium battery (recharges via USB cable, included).
  • Compatibility: Virtually all home entertainment systems.

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