Star Trek Synthehol Glasses Coasters & Flask

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Synthehol GIFT SET

Only the finest in replicated drink ware...

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Replicators on Starships are great. they can make just about anything, including drinks. However, what are you supposed to do if you need to go on a diplomatic away mission where gifts are customary? Well, this set of 4 mix and match Synthehol Glasses Coasters & Flasks is perfect for such a mission.

They’re also perfect for recreational away team missions in your holodeck backyard.

For the price, you can mix and match your choice of four of the following: a 16 oz. beer glass, 12 oz wine glass, 21 oz stemless wine glass, 12 oz rocks glass, wooden coasters (set of 2), and a 8 oz. steel flask in stainless or black.

That way, you can come up with the perfect gift set to complete your diplomatic mission. Oh, if you need more than 4 selections, you can add them for just $6.00 each.

This is a deal good enough to make a Ferengi blush since these items normally go for between $20 and $30 each when purchased separately.

Scotty, beam me up, we have to go get some of these….. at warp speed.

Star Trek Synthehol Glasses Coasters & Flask: Product Details

  • Glassware is all dishwasher and transporter safe.
  • Quality laser etched bar glass.
  • Flask is stainless steel and disruptor resistant.
  • Coasters are made from the finest replicated earth wood (Maple).
  • Synthehol not included.

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