This Star Trek TNG Enterprise-D Rug is made from the finest faux-tribble fur available on Iota Geminorum IV! Oh sure, it looks a lot like polyester but, its not. At least that’s what the Ferengi that sold them to me said. Why would he lie?

It features a top-down view of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and measures just over 4 feet by just under 6 feet so it’s the perfect size for a dorm room, bed room, or ready room. It has a low cut pile so, it’s probably not well suited for outdoor or entryway use.

Star Trek TNG Enterprise-D Rug

The saucer section can even separate from the star drive section! It can only be done once and it requires a sharp-pair of scissors but, it can be done. I wouldn’t recommend it, though.

Easy to take care of and durable, this Enterprise-D rug will “Lie Long and Prosper” on your floor for a long time.

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Star Trek TNG Enterprise-D Rug: Product Details

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  • Dimensions: 52″ wide x ~71″ long.
  • Materials: Faux Tribble fur (100% polyester pile).
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise.
  • Care Instructions: Clean spills immediately. Never rub a spill. Blot liquids with a dry absorbent white cloth or paper towel. Treat stains immediately using a proprietary cleaner or seek specialist advice.
  • Note: I really recommend a rug grip for safety reasons. Starship accident reports are a lot of paperwork.