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Star Trek TOS Phaser Pillow

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Star Trek TOS Phaser Cushion Pillow

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The Star Trek TOS Phaser Pillow is better than any Sehlat (Vulcan teddy bear) when you’re napping because it will protect you from night-time Klingon or Romulan incursions (and it lacks the 6 inch fangs). If nothing else, it’s a “stunning” weapon for a pillow fight.

Shaped like a giant Type II phaser from Star Trek: TOS, this pillow will make you the envy of your Trekkie friends. Made of 100% polyester, it’s a full 26 inches tall and 33.5 inches long! That’s big enough to use as your primary pillow. Just don’t get caught napping at your duty station. The included details are actually pretty good. All of the buttons and dials from the original prop are included in stuffed cloth form.

Star Trek TOS Phaser Pillow

I know it’s supposed to be a “phaser pistol” but, it looks more like a phaser cannon, doesn’t it?

It’s machine washable so it’s easy to keep clean and ready to help you stay comfortable while resting in your ready room.

Less of a Kirk and more of a Spock or McCoy fan? No problems, there's also a TOS-style Tricorder pillow available. It is the logical choice.


It’s also a great opportunity to play along when watching the TAS episode “The Terratin Incident” on your big screen. The only thing that would make it better is if the Type I phaser was attached by Velcro and was detachable but, alas, it isn’t.

So, if you’ve traveled what seems like light years looking for an extra pillow for your captains chair (aka favorite recliner) then look no further.¬†Frankly, I can’t think of a better use for your latinum, can you?

Star Trek TOS Phaser Pillow: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 26″ tall x 33 1/2″ long x 5″ deep.
  • Weight: 1 pounds.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Perfect for your ready room.
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series merchandise.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry.

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