Stash Underwear with a Secret Front Pocket


This¬†Stash Underwear with a Secret Front Pocket¬†falls under the category of “why didn’t someone think of this before?”

Basically, it’s a set of briefs with a zippered 5″ x 7″ pocket right where no one is gonna feel you up (and no one that you would want to feel you up, anyway). For travelers, it’s a great way to frustrate pickpockets. If you’re not traveling, it’s a great place to stash things that you really don’t want anyone to find while the lights are on.

As a bonus for the guys out there, it makes you look like you have a bit bigger package than normal. What? You were already thinking it? I just said it.

Stash Underwear with a Secret Front Pocket: Product Details

  • Sizes: Small 28-30″, Medium 32-34″, Large 36-38″, XL 40-42″
  • Comfortable with a soft, luxurious blend of modal, cotton, and spandex.
  • Ideal for: travel, festivals, games, weddings, and bachelor parties.
  • Features a 5″ x 7″ zippered pocket. Perfect for a 6 oz flask, condom (very convienient placement), passport, phone (on vibrate of course), etc…

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