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Sword Keys


“Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” If you have one of these Sword Keys, you can actually say it is a sword (or just go with the thinly veiled innuendo). At least you’ll have a choice.

These awesome fantasy keys are designed to work with with Kwikset, Sclage, and Yale locks. They come as a “blank” key, all you have to do is visit your local hardware store and have them cut to fit your locks. The manufacturer even includes a handy Reference Guide to help you pick the right type.

Sword Keys

With 20 different designs, you’re sure to find one you like; either for yourself or as a gift.

For example, the Star Wars fans out there (the emo ones anyway) might want the Cross Guard Saber. The Zelda fans might crave the Hero’s Sword. And the GoT fans might absolutely need the Blade of the Direwolf.

Sword Keys: Product Details

  • Blank Keys that work with Kwikset, Sclage, and Yale brand locks.
  • Each sword key is made from nickel plated brass.
  • 20 different sword keys to choose from.
  • Combination packages of 2 or 3 keys available as well.

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    Greatest. Online. Store. Ever.

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