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The Tactical Baby Carrier is a front carry baby carrier but made for men. Men who appreciate good military style gear and who want their offspring to be formidable as possible when they grow up.

It features a tactical design complete with MOLLE straps, removable liner, and hidden hood. If you actually needed to take your baby to battle (because the training of warriors needs to start as early as possible) THIS is the baby carrier for you!!

Can I get a “Hua, Hua?

The baby (or small dog/cat) can face in or out, depending on their stage of development and proficiency with small arms. Get it? “small arms“. Err, never mind.

Tactical Baby Carrier

It’s available in black, grey, and coyote so you can pick one for any theater of operations. Also, when the young warrior is old enough to hup his own pack, you can still use this as a gear carrying tactical MOLLE vest.

Even if you’re not going to start your young warrior’s training this early, at least it’s a manly baby carrier. Much better than the pink one your wife wants to get. I mean what self-respecting warrior would ever wear that on the battlefield?

Tactical Baby Carrier: Product Details

  • Height: 20 inches.
  • Circumference: 64 inches at the hips.
  • Weight 36.5 oz.
  • For babies approx. 8-35 lbs.
  • 1000D Nylon outer construction.
  • Meets all applicable ASTM regulations for baby carriers.
  • MOLLE attachments front and back.
  • For when you have to be in battle but can’t get a sitter.
  • Also great for small animals. They won’t like it but, a warrior must endure uncomfortable situations.

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