Talking Mr. Spock Bobble Head


Not getting this Talking Mr. Spock Bobble Head (via Entertainment Earth) would be highly illogical.

Depicting Lenard Nimoy’s classic Mr. Spock, it stands about 7 inches tall and says six phrases when the button on the base is pressed. Spock says the following phrases, “Highly illogical.” “Fascinating.” “Live long and prosper.” “Vulcan’s never bluff.” “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” and “Transporter room – ready to beam up.”

This is a limited edition toy so there are only 1500 being made. Right now, they’re only available for pre-order but, they should be in stock by July. If you don’t hurry, you might miss out.

As you might logically deduce, this toy would make a great gift for any Star Trek fan.

Talking Mr. Spock Bobble Head: Product Details

  • Size: 7-inches tall.
  • Battery Type: 2 x LR44. Included.
  • Limited edition item. If you want one, it’s logical to pre-order it before they’re gone.

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