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The Beer Spike is the perfect key chain bottle opener for frat brothers. Along with being a convenient bottle opener, the Beer Spike also makes it easier to open beer cans because it can help pull up the tab. Nail chewers will appreciate that.

In addition, there’s a spike designed to let you easily shotgun beers. No more using a dirty screwdriver or dangerous kitchen knife to puncture the side of the can. You can also use the spike to punch a vent hole in the top of the can. This is nice since it will allow the beer to flow out smoothly instead of “glugging” out and getting all foamy.

The Beer Spike Keychain

It’s patterned after a railroad spike (just smaller) and constructed of solid brass so, it will last you a lifetime.

In a pinch, it could be used as a self-defense tool, small pry bar, screwdriver, or even as an automotive glass-breaking tool.

Currently on Kickstarter and being billed as the “most advanced beer drinker’s tool in the universe”. It’s fully funded (in fact it hit the $10k goal in just 2 hours) with 27 more days to go. Delivery is expected to be by August.

The Beer Spike Keychain: Product Details

  • Length: About 3 inches.
  • Material: Brass.
  • Functions: Shotguns beers, opens bottles, pulls can tabs, and pierces can tops for optimal flow.

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