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The End Dramatic Bookend

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Fred & Friends THE END Dramatic Bookends

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$17.81 $18.00

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The End Dramatic Bookend

The end is near, and it’s a good thing. At least it is when the end in question is this amusing bookend.

Constructed of a thick powder-coated black steel, it’s made so that books tilt on the bookend, appearing to fall on the poor silhouetted figure.

For his part, it looks like he’s going to try to catch the books as they fall over on him but, it looks like it’s going to be a futile effort. in fact, if you listen really closely, you may even hear a “Wilhelm scream”. OK, maybe that’s just my imagination but, still.

Only one bookend comes per box but, since it clamps onto a book and they tilt towards the little dude about to succumb to the weight of your library, you only need one.

It would be a great gift for a bookworm or academic. It would also be great for yourself to hold the books or magazines in your den, man cave, or office.

Now I just need a book to clip into the bookend… Let’s see… “How to escape crushing financial debt by Anita Buck.



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