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The Legend of Zelda Backpack

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Nintendo Zelda Shield 3D Novelty Backpack

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Ever wonder how the hell Link carries around all that stuff in the Legend of Zelda games? Oh sure, early in the game it’s easy, he usually only has a cheap sword and shield but later on he has a bow and the hook shot and the boomerang, and so on. So, how do you think he carries it all? Well, it turns out, that shield on his back had a backpack under it. This Legend of Zelda Backpack looks like the Hyrule Shield and can help you carry a bunch of stuff, just like Link.

Made from faux leather and offering dimensional details, this backpack is durable and large enough to carry a laptop along with a couple of text books. Be warned, though, the shape is a bit weird since it tapers to a point at the bottom.

The Legend of Zelda Backpack comes with a zippered compartment, adjustable straps, and a convenient handle.

It’s perfect for carrying around your new Nintendo Switch so you can play Breath of the Wild wherever you go.

The Legend of Zelda Backpack: Product Details

  • Size: 24″ x 14″ x 5″.
  • Weight: 1 pounds.
  • Made from high quality faux leather.
  • Officially licensed Zelda product.
  • It’s not safe to go alone, take this, and this, and this, oh… don’t forget this, and this, and this…

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