Threat Down Zombie Silhouette Target


Shooting at the Zombie Silhouette Target from Threat Down is an awesome and fun way to spend a day at the range.

Designed with the help of a US Navy Seal, this responsive target provides instant feedback, leaving no doubt as to where your rounds have impacted the vital organs.

Unlike other Bleeding Targets, which can bust your ammo budget in a hurry, these targets are much more reasonably priced. In addition, since the “blood” is stored in 100 individual cells (as opposed to a big bladder) you can shoot at these for quite a while before they “bleed out”.

Unless, of course, you’re using a shotgun. In that case, they’ll bleed out plenty quick.

The cells are concentrated in the head, heart, and lungs of the target. The head and heart “bleed” red while the lungs “bleed” blue. Hey, it’s a zombie after all. Apparently one that used to be a smoker at that.

The eco-friendly, water-soluble gel will not stain clothing and cleans up easily.

Threat Down Zombie Silhouette Target

These targets are ideal for defensive training, but are also great for a fun day on the range for shooters of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced level shooters.

Oh, and to get sighted in before killing zombies. there are additional grid targets are located in the corners to maximize use of this fully reactive target.

So… Ready on the left? Ready on the right? The firing line is ready. Scan your sector.

Threat Down Zombie Silhouette Target: Product Details

  • Height: 30 inches.
  • Width: 22 inches.
  • 100 Individual “blood” cells.
  • Target “bleeds” red from the heart and head and blue from the lungs.
  • Recommended for outdoor use only. The “blood” can be a bit messy and range owners don’t like it when you leave their ranges messy.

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