What is this? A video game cabinet for ants?!??! Maybe something for my pet hamster? No, turns out that it’s a real (and very playable) retro video game cabinet. It just happens to be tiny.

The Tiny Arcade is a DIY Miniature Arcade Cabinet that you can assemble and play in a couple of hours. There’s no soldering or anything required, just plug the modules together, and insert them into the easy to assemble acrylic case. There are even some stickers for the outside to make it look like a real arcade cabinet.


If you ignore the fact that it’s only about 3″ tall, that is…

The Tiny Arcade lets you experience many retro type games which can be downloaded completely free (from here) or any number of others that create games for the Tiny Arcade.  You can also play videos on the Tiny Arcade at 30 FPS with audio. The games include versions of such classics as Asteroids and Space Invaders. There are even some new ones like Flappy Birds.

Tiny Arcade DIY Miniature Arcade Cabinet

The Tiny Arcade is based around based around the same 32-bit ARM processor as the Arduino Zero.  However, there’s no programming required. There is an analog joystick and two push buttons for playing the games, a built in speaker for playing audio, a Lithium battery, built in USB for charging (and reprogramming), and even a microSD expansion slot.

The tiny OLED screen is about an inch square (2.54 cm) and offers a resolution of 96 by 64 pixels and 16 bit full color. Despite being so tiny, the screen is still quite viewable

Tiny Arcade DIY Miniature Arcade Cabinet

Games can be loaded on the fly off a microSD card. this is thanks to a menu provided at power up. The menu shows a preview of all of the games available on the microSD card. All you have to do is choose one and it gets loaded in about a second. Much better than the old days of pumping quarters into the cabinet, right? Not that they’d fit in the Tiny Arcade, of course.

So, if you love video games and you love tiny things, this is the ultimate gadget for you. It would also make a great geek gift.

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Tiny Arcade DIY Miniature Arcade Cabinet: Product Details

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  • Dimensions: 2.95 x 1.57 x 1.26 inches (75 x 40 x 32 mm).
  • 96 x 64 pixel, 16 bit color OLED screen.
  • Games are free and open source – play community made games or write your own.
  • SD card expansion slot – download new games and insert card (or get a preloaded microSD card here).
  • High quality joystick and two push buttons.
  • Built-in speaker with volume control knob and rechargeable lithium battery,
  • USB port for charging and game development.
  • Cases available in clear or black acrylic.
  • Includes arcade stickers to decorate your cabinet.