The VRgluv is a pair of Wireless VR Feedback Gloves designed to work with Oculus and Vive VR sets to fill in an obvious gap in their capabilities; touch.

Using the technology in current Vive and Oculus hardware to track the position and orientation of both your hands in 3D, the finger tracking system determines the position of each individual finger and displays them in the VR world in real-time.

VRgluv - Wireless VR Feedback Gloves

This allows you to navigate through menus like never before or actually feel the keys when typing on a virtual keyboard. When gaming, you could cast spells on enemies using hand gestures or feel the grip on a laser rifle as you blast aliens. The possibilities are endless and these are just a few things you can experience with VRgluv.

In addition, the folks at VRgluv are working with developers to make pre-existing games compatible with the VRgluv. They even included a SDK so developers can make their own games/programs using the Unity and Unreal engines.

Currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, the project is almost fully funded with nearly a month to go. The developers are expecting to start shipping units by December of this year.

VRgluv – Wireless VR Feedback Gloves: Product Details

  • Weight: Less than 1 lb.
  • Compatibility: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive.
  • You get a pair of haptic feedback gloves. Not just one.
  • API included with purchase.
  • One step closer to a useful virtual girlfriend…


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