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XAR Folding Assault Rifle


The XAR Folding Assault Rifle is the first folding AR-15 design.

Before anyone gets up in arms, this isn’t intended to be a pro/anti gun post. It’s just a post about a pretty cool rifle. Now that that’s been settled; folding is not a new innovation for guns in general (for example, the SUB 200) but it is new to the AR-15 platform.

The XAR allows an operator to easily fold and unfold the rifle with just a few steps. Better yet, due to the manner in which it folds, it maintains zero. Even after multiple of fold/un-fold operations.

XAR Folding Assault Rifle

Now, the XAR is expected to be released sometime soon but, as of yet, there hasn’t been a lot of technical details about the weapon. By using known dimensions on the lower receiver and a bit of Photoshop magic, we were able to determine that the rifle is about 35 inches long when fully open. When folded, it’s about 17.8 inches.

XAR Folding Assault Rifle

That’s small enough to fit in a largish backpack. This could be really good for hunters since it could make climbing a tree stand with the rifle much easier.

Sorry, as of yet, the price point is still unknown.

XAR Folding Assault Rifle: Product Details

  • Length (Open – Stock Extended): Approximately 35 inches.
  • Length (Folded): Approximately 17.8 inches folded.
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO.
  • Barrel Length: Looks like a 16.9 inch barrel.
  • Comes with a case to hold the rifle when folded.
  • Probably makes cleaning a bit easier.

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