While it might not give you the ability to move stuff with your mind, the Yoda Spice Grinder will grind up “something” to help you relax and find some Jedi-like inner peace. At the very least, it will make you all squinty-eyed and perhaps a bit green, just like Yoda.

Oh, and it might make you talk a bit funny as well. OK, it will probably make you talk a bit funny.

The 3 piece grinder is made from aluminum and comes in a gift box. Yoda’s color is a little bit off but, let’s face it, I doubt Disney had a lot of input in the manufacturing process.

Yoda Spice Grinder

The grinder is a bit small at just 1.2 inches, but it works well. That said, it’s more of a novelty and not something you would want to use everyday. Maybe you should save it for when new Star Wars movies or video games come out?

It’s perfect as a gag gift or for Star Wars fans who like a little bit of the Dagobah Dank bud from time to time.

Yoda Spice Grinder: Product Details

  • 3 piece aluminum grinder.
  • 1.2 inches (30mm).
  • It’s not an officially-licensed Star Wars product. How much did you smoke that you even thought it might be?
  • Judge me by my size, do you? As well you should not….

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