Your Pet As A Pokemon Card


So there’s this artist in Italy that will make Your Pet As A Pokemon Card (Buy).

Basically, you send her a photo of your pet along with her name and she’ll send you a “real” Pokemon card in a few weeks. She’ll even send you a digital version you can use to reprint your own copies anytime you like.

Your Pet As A Pokemon Card

About the image… you can choose a specific pose, background, add objects like toys or anything you want. Maybe you have 1 picture where your Pokemon looks awesome and want to use that same pose?  She’ll make up the type, size, species, etc. just like regular Pokemon cards have listed and she’ll even do revisions for you until it’s perfect. Usually, artists charge for revisions so, this is a really good deal.

Finally, you’ll also get a side by side digital photo so you can see how well they match. It’s a great gift for a person who loves his or her pet and is an aspiring Pokemon master.

Your Pet As A Pokemon Card: Product Details

  • You’ll get one physical card and a bunch of digital files.
  • The card is on card stock and is the size and color scheme of regular Pokemon cards.
  • Gotta print them all….

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